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July 08, 2013


mari burnett

new to raw food but loving the ideas so far and cant wait to get making more!

Charlotte Ashley-Roberts

My favourite raw food (so far) is whizzed up dates, Raisins, nuts, cocoa and orange oil to make sback bars. Also a good raw cheesecake base! Love this blog and shared on fb and twitter. Charlie

Carol Burgess

Thanks for the giveaway! my favourite raw food is my green smoothie, followed by guacamole ! Shared on facebook


sharon pearson

shared on facebook i guess my favourite is old fashioned salad and coleslaw so i need this book to try new flavours

Paul Josefsson

Yummy raw recipes that take less than 20 minutes to put together? Wow, I so need this book!


Shared on twitter!

My favourite has to be a chocolate mousse! Nom nom!


shared here https://www.facebook.com/charlotte.clark.520125/posts/145104172352966 on facebook!

My favourite raw food has to be a greek salad :) mmm gotta have some dressing to it.


favourite raw food = carrots @donglemouse


Raw organic mushrooms filled with homemade hummus. I eat this 3 times a week for lunch, it's delicious! Love raw food and I would like to try more recipes. This book looks great for inspiration.

Have shared via Twitter @ElvinFairy


Shared. Not sure what my favourite raw food is as i'm new to this, but enjoy smoothies and fruit in general.

Cathy Bryant

Shared on FB.
My favourite raw food was a raw pizza that I adored - sadly I lost the recipe and haven't been able to track down one as good. My favourite raw food at the moment is very simple - grated carrot and apple with some sesame seeds stirred in, and then avo whizzed with a little orange juice and a bit of a stock cube (need to find a raw equivalent of that) poured over. I should be eating more raw food, I know, as it would help my health.


favorite raw food is raw courgette pasta with raw pesto, beautiful :D

loving my raw food journey so far, have shared this post of Facebook

Eileen H

Shared on Facebook. I love raw broccoli. I used to grow mung beans but got out of the habit for some reason. I think I'll start again :)


Creamy Raw Mushroom Soup


Tweeted - twitter.com/MorningPostie/status/358712336195911680

I love raw fish, although I have my beef so blue it's pretty much raw hehe

Jayne B

shared on twitter. I love watermelon whizzed up on its own in the blender, delicious!

sally rees

shared on twitter as @lmcontrary - my fave raw food is smoked salmon - does that count??

Sophie Hedley

Blueberry pie :)

Tweeted here https://twitter.com/ryangoslingx/status/359006424879218688

Joanna Sadler

Tweeted: https://twitter.com/HappyBunnyJKS/status/359045691810652160

I love making gazpacho - perfect for the heatwave we're having right now!

Kate Collins

Shared on Facebook :)
My favourite raw food is nakd bars!! I need the book to inspire me to step away from ready-produced products!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


all fruits :) And love raw fish!

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