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June 28, 2013



Poverty in the first world usually results in obesity, unlike the third world where cheap food is mainly veggies (home grown). Most probably from all of the pasta and cheap subsidised junk food. When we visited the U.K. in 2005/2006 I couldn't believe how cheap the "Iceland" type shops were. You could get a 10kg bag of potato oven fries for 5 pounds! You couldn't get the equivalent fresh potatoes for that and it was all downhill from there. I put on 5kg while we were in the U.K. because we ate on a budget and fresh food was definatly expensive. I don't do diets any more either and most of the problem dieters have is aside from depriving themselves, they are always firmly focussed on food. On how much to portion off, what they can and can't have and the ever present feeling that you are missing out is bound to do your "diet" ideals in. I stopped dieting last year and am leaner than I have ever been since I was 13! I no longer binge, I no longer feel the need to raid the biscuit barrel when no-one is looking. I don't use food as anything other than fuel now and I think we have both hit the nail on the head with what makes people fat...diets do! Kudos on your deprivation for charity. We all need to remember just how lucky we are to have food on our plates and the ability to choose what we eat. Have you thought of pouring the dreaded spaghetti sauce over some cooked spaghetti and baking it? It would at least be a different texture ;). Cheers for this series of posts. They are very thought provoking :)

Andrea - Chocolate and Beyond

Hi Narf and thanks so much for your comment and sharing your experience of being in the UK here. You are right - some of the 'bargain' type stores have unbelievably cheap food, but it is not necessarily nutritious or quality food. The one thing in their favour is that they DO also have relatively cheap frozen fruit and vegetables, which are as nutritious (if not more so) than fresh. So unless you do only have £5 for five days to spend, you can buy things like packs of summer berries or 1kg packs of broccoli for £1.

You are right - those of us who are not forced to live in such extreme circumstances need to remember how lucky we are. Thank you for stopping by, and also the baked pasta suggestion! I may actually just try that for a recipe, now my challenge is over :)

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    PS. This blog LOVES your comments! Especially about the food!

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