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April 10, 2013


Katie Knott

Looks yummy!!! I going to HAVE to try it!

Andrea - Chocolate and Beyond

Katie it is SOOOOOO easy there is absolutely no excuse :D Thanks so much for your comment, and please come back to let me know what you think!


Can't wait to try this! Thank you!!

p.s. I'll let you know how it goes.

Carolyn Casey

Andrea, I've just made the mixture and I don't know how long it'll survive in the fridge because it is delish! Gonna make some truffles with it later. Thanks for this recipe, it is so quick and easy. xx

Andrea - Chocolate and Beyond

@Carolyn - I'm so pleased to hear you have made it and enjoyed. It is hard to be believe such yummy results come such an incredibly easy recipe, hey? Have fun eating it!

@Sara - I'm waiting to hear from you! :)


I made this using coconut oil instead of sunflower oil, and it's absolutely delicious!
Thanks for posting.


I just made these as truffles, and wow... delicious!! Perfect little ooey, gooey chocolate, walnut brownie truffles. I rolled them in powdered sugar, but will try other options in the future. These would make a lovely gift.

Instead of my blender, I used my food processor, and also used melted coconut oil instead of sunflower oil. I think I could get away with 2 tablespoons of oil next time, as some separated.

Thanks so much for the recipe. Easy, tasty, healthy and impressive: what more could one ask for!?!


This is deelish. Can't stop eating!

Andrea - Chocolate and Beyond

@Michal - many thanks for commenting and I will try coconut oil myself next time - great suggestion!

@Sara - Thank you for coming back! I'm really glad it was a success for you and you loved it. Next time, I'm DEFINITELY trying coconut oil, too!

@Natalie - Hi! And wonderful to hear you love this recipe!!!


I made this yesterday and it was really quick and easy. I used a cheaper version of maple syrup which was about 60% carob, I'm not sure if it was less sweet than proper maple syrup as the overall mixture for me could have been a bit sweeter (I do have quite a sweet tooth). So I added about 8 dates and some vanilla essence which worked really well. I may also have used too much cocoa as I didn't really measure anything properly.

I made the mix into some truffles which accompanied me to perve over Ryan Gosling at the cinema yesterday and have just finished the rest of the mix with some Swedish Glace, chocolate flavour, which was amazing. Great recipe, and so versatile, thanks Andrea!

Andrea - Chocolate and Beyond

Clare - thank you for your comment! I'm glad you find my recipe the perfect accompaniment to the cinema and Ryan Gosling :) I think the maple syrup I have is just the pure stuff, so yeah, maybe on the sweeter side. But it sounds like you worked it out fine anyhow. I'm really glad you enjoyed!


I made a similar concoction with coconut oil, just brought it to room temp and added some cocoa. Of course it's super-rich but you don't need any sweetener because the coconut is so sweet already! Makes a yummy treat by the spoonful, or I bet you could add the nuts, shredded coconut, ect to make another kind of no-bake brownie!!

Andrea - Chocolate and Beyond

Hi Cyndi, thanks so much for your comment and suggestions! I think coconut oil is a popular alternative for this :)

Ruth Sheffi

Dear Andrea ,
Except for the maple syrup and the oil , I regularly make such 'truffles' or 'logs' . I use organic pure (no added sugar) date "honey" and organic cold pressed coconut oil or
coconut butter . For white "truffles" I use cashew and
skinned almonds with organic agave syrup ( and of course -
no cocoa ). For flavouring I use 'Simply Organic' vanilla &/or 'Simply Organic' almond flavours as well as Drambui liquour and sometimes some instant coffee .
I love maple syrup , but since only Canadian is available
where we live , i've stopped buying it and won't buy
Canadian products till they stop the seal murder .
Best Wishes

KD Baldwin

Hi Andrea, Love the no cook aspect! I am going to try this, but with a couple of additions. A pinch of salt and instant coffee granules(regular or espresso). I have found chocolate really likes a bit of salt as a balance to the sweetness and the coffee is to again give it a bit more depth without it standing up and shouting "Here I am!"

Andrea - Chocolate and Beyond

@Ruth - oh the date syrup is a good idea, I have some of that in! Thanks for your other suggestions too - I will give some of them a go! And thanks for stopping by :)

@KD Baldwin - coffee granules sounds interesting! Will you please come back and let me know how it turns out? Thank you!


Planning to press brownie mix into a small cupcake pan and fill the cups with cream cheese sweetened with stevia, vanilla, and almond extract topped with berries.

Andrea - Chocolate and Beyond

Sounds lovely Leah! :)

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