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January 14, 2013


Jenny Liddle

Hi. I'd like to enter the prize draw. Kind regards,Jenny Liddle:)


Inspiring and exciting, as always on your blog, Andrea! Would love to win this book! x

Wendy Cleaver

would love to win this book!

Bonnie Duffy

Would love to enter the competition to win this book, would make a great birthday gift for myself lol :-D

Andy Levy-Stevenson

I would like to enter ... thanks.

Maresa Bossano

I'd like to enter too - the book looks lovely

Lisa McEachin

I am new to the vegan life and would love any help I can get.

Caroline Higson

please enter me into the comp...can't beat vegan grub! ;)

Camilla Røstvik

Would like to enter - looks great :) Great blog too!

Theresa Fogle

I'd love to enter!! I really need some vegan cook books, I'm stuck in a rice with veggies kinda life.. >.>


I would like to be entered to win "Vegan Food Gifts". Thank you!


Would like to enter to win! Thanks!


Yes please!


the book looks great, I'd like to enter the prize draw, thank you! :)


My Mother-in-Law is the chutney and jam fairy, I would love to be able to give her a homemade gift in return. It is so much nicer than something you just buy. Please can I enter your competition.


I love making homemade gifts. This Christmas was the first year since I can remember that I didn't make any so I am determined to make up for it next year. This book would provide great inspiration, please enter me in the prize draw. Thanks.


I'd love to win this book!


I'd like to enter the prize draw! Thank you! :)

Eileen Burton

I'd like to enter this great prize draw! Thanks!

panda cookie

I'd like to enter please. I love Joni's books.


I would love to enter - so need some inspiration xXx

Celine L

What a great book. I would love to enter!


I'd love to win this book! I have a couple of hers already and they're great. I posted a comment yesterday but I don't see it now, not sure if I did it wrong maybe (I'm not trying to enter twice!). Please delete one of the comments if my other post is still around.

Cathy Bryant

That looks a wonderfully useful book! I'll keep my fingers crossed.

Catherine Lapointe

To give a vegan yummy gift, what a nice idea! I'm in!


Yes please! I need some new inspiration for my homemade gifts!


I would like to enter the prize draw - you are an inspiration for vegans (and non-vegans!)everywhere!:)

Christine Adams

I'd like to enter! Always looking for new ideas!

Jessica Schwartz

Hi. I'd like to enter the prize draw. Thank you.


I would like to enter the prize draw please :)


I would like to enter the prize draw too!


Vegan Food Gifts looks like an amazing book! In the 15 years or so that I've been Vegan I haven't seen a book like it, and me being a creative person this book will be PERFECT! :)

Stephanie Ocasio

Hello. My name is Stephanie and I'd love to enter the drawing to win a copy of 'Vegan Food Gifts' by Joni Marie Newman!

Carolina Costa Leite

I'd really love to win this book :) Please let me enter the prize draw :)

Liz Nicolay

I'd love to win this book - in these times of austerity, food gifts make sense AND it would be a great way of showing people how scrumptious vegan food is. Liz Nicolay


I would very much like to enter this price draw :-)


Love the blog !
Enter the Prize Draw

like to enter the prize draw to win a copy of Vegan Food Gifts


Yes please! I have been eyeing this book for a while


Oooo, I'd like to enter the prizw draw to win Vegan Food Gifts. Thank you.

Jen E

Please enter me sounds like a great book :)

Leigh Tooley

I'd like to enter please.


This looks like such a great idea book! Thanks for the opportunity to win!

compelledbywords at live dot com :D

Sandra Carr

I would like to enter the drawing please.


I would like to enter :)

Carla Eilrich

I would like to enter!

Hope K

I would love to enter the prize draw!
Looks like a great book :)

Conor Hand

I would like to enter into this prize draw please

Luisa L

I'd like to win! Thanks!

Lib Wilson-Stephens

I would like to enter please!

Claire Foster

This sounds a fantastic book! I'd love to win a copy of this, please enter me in the competition

Theresa Fogle

Crosses everything crossable, please please me!!

Jason Thompson

What a fun book, I would love a chance to win it. Thanks!!!


Count me in :-)

jules joy

hey andrea, i'd like to enter this giveaway please and thank you.


I'd like to enter, thank you Denise

Sarah Spencer

Please enter me.

Kasey Minnis

Please enter my name in the drawing!


would love to enter please


please enter me :)


Enter me please :)

Laura Banks

sound fab i would love to enter


I would like to enter the drawing to win a copy Vegan Food Gifts.

sharon wigul

I'd like to enter please

Rikka B

Please enter me in the draw.

Ian Yates

Please enter me in your prize draw. Thank you.

Isobel Gibbons

I'd like to enter the prize draw Please

Kate Leigh

While my friends aren't vegan, I am and I really don't like to purchase non-vegan gifts. I'm always on the lookout for gifts they don't even notice are vegan. This looks perfect.

Celine L

Hi. I would like to enter the draw please. Looks like a great cookbook

Eleanor Powell

hi please enter me

Kim Styles

I would love this book. I have a best friend who is vegan and she has done so much for me and my family and I would either keep the book for myself and make her special thank you gifts using the wonderful ideas (maybe convert me too!), or I would give it to her as a gift.Either way it will be well used and loved. many thanks

Eleanor Jones

I'd like to enter please!

Tracy Hanson

Would love to enter. It's something I am looking more and more into. Wishing everyone the best of luck. Thanks for the chance :) :D x

Christina Jarrett

I would love to win this amazing prize! I've always loved making food gifts for people and I've recently become vegan so this book looks awesome! xx

Carl Upshon

I would love to win this!


Would love to win this book, it looks great.

julie Brooke

Fantastic book. Would love to own a copy

Victoria W

Yes, please enter me. Looks fantastic.

Pam Gregory

Please enter me


The best vegan food i have had was at the cornbury festival and hope to make some like that for my tea.

emma gooch

Wow fantastic please can you enter me thank you

Charlotte Hood

Please can you enter me :)

Anne Eames

I would like to enter the contest please


I would love to win this!

Louise Hutchings

Please can you enter me in this fabulous contest, I am a vegetarian of just 2 months and actually was inspired to turn vegetarian by my 13 year old daughter who gave up meat 2 years ago.
I am really intrested in all things vegan as its something I've been thinking about.
Good Luck everyone :-)


Yes please, I'd love to enter the prize draw.


Oooh, please enter me into this prize draw. I've been a vegetarian for years and have been vegan on an off for most of them but more seriously for the last few years. Now that I've cut back on my paid working hours, I made the decision to start cooking more, from scratch, rather than relying on shop-bought burgers, etc. My daughter introduced me to the Choclate-and-Beyond web-site and I think it's brilliant. I've never considered myself much of a cook but am finding it quite easy and very satisfying (in more ways than one!) and this web-site is the best source of inspiration I've found.

Thank you!


Please put me into the draw - thank you xx

Fiona Matters

I'd like to enter - Cheers


Please enter me in the draw

karen dixon

i'd love to enter the draw

Cheeta Lagas

It will be 2 years next month since we went from veggie to vegan and this book will give us plenty of inspiration with little gifts for our curious family & friends!

Dee Sherwood Wallace

This sounds a great book, love the sound of some of the gifts.

Christine Dodd

Looks great - I'd like to enter

sue willshee

I'd love to enter. I'm not vegan but I am veggie and I have lots of veggie and vegan friends so I'd definitely make good use of this book!


Please Enter Me

Janine Atkin

fab prize! count me in please


Just turned vegan and struggling with food options so the book would be a real treat!


Count me in too! thanks


I'd love to enter. I'm thinking about going vegan and this would help sort gifts for my sister and cousin

olivia kirby

Hi, I would love to have a go! This looks a great book.

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