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December 06, 2012



You had me at hazelnut;) I just love the combination of creamy and crunchy and this tofu cheese looks and sounds delicious! I don't miss the taste of cheese, but I would love to try your recipe. This would make a great appetizer for my Christmas lunch:)


Your recipe looks very tastey and like something you would want to have for friends durring the holidays and even to make a head of time to take when you go to visit family and friends. Thank you for the recipe and I hope to try this very soon!

Andrea - Chocolate and Beyond

Hi Adriana! yes - this would definitely be great for Christmas lunch or any other time of year/day too haha :) It's funny - I don't actually miss the taste of cheese either, although I like vegan cheesy flavours when I happen upon them.

Andrea - Chocolate and Beyond

Hi AnitaK! Thank you for commenting and yes, this is a good one to take to friend's for sure :) Please do let me know if you make it yourself?


Wow Andrea, This tofu cheese looks and sounds amazing! I will get some miso paste and try this soon :)

Andrea - Chocolate and Beyond

Look forward to hearing what you think of it Charlotte!


This looks good. How long do you think it would keep? By the way, I am vegetarian but not vegan, will hopefully try this on my family and let you know how it goes.

Andrea - Chocolate and Beyond

Kath it depends really how fresh your tofu is, since it's only really warmed through in the oven rather than 'cooked'. But I would say it is best for 2-3 days at the most after making!

Rob Dodd

I make this for vegan meet ups and parties, especially parties with non vegans who are Vegan Curious. Because its lovely. Just perfect. Nom. It does not have a shelf life, simply because it is so tasty.


Thanks for letting me know, Rob! I think I may have to make it again myself soon :-)

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