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October 17, 2012



LOL "Serves 4 greedy people":)) With most of my recipes it's like "half serves me":)) I haven't made bread pudding in ages and that first picture looks sooooo tempting! The idea of using custard sounds great, I think I'll give this a try. Never bought vegan custard powder, let me see if I can find some. Great recipe, as always:)


Do they have custard powder in the states?

Andrea - Chocolate and Beyond

Adriana - Bird's Custard Powder is sold in every UK supermarket and is accidentally vegan! I'm not sure about other brands? But yeah - I can easily eat a full quarter of this!

JL - I don't know about the US! Though custard powder is really just mainly cornstarch with a little colouring and flavouring. So if you do a search for 'vegan custard recipe' I think you will find something very easy to make! And try using the coconut milk, whatever the recipe says, for a nicer flavour.


Fantastic! I have the ingredients for this, I'll make it tonight! The Mr will be so pleased to come home to a nice hot pudding for supper :)

Thanks for sharing! X

Andrea - Chocolate and Beyond

Kim - I'd be so happy if you came back and let me know how it turned out!? I hope you are as happy with it as I am! Thanks for commenting.


Bird's Custard is available on amazon.com because I buy it often.


Jackie Smith

Bird's Custard is also available at Cost Plus World Market.


Absolutely delicious! I cheated in so far as I had half an opened carton of soya custard in the fridge which I topped up with soya milk. I hated bread and butter pudding as a child when my mum made it but my husband loves it so thought I'd try your recipe. Thank you for sharing!

Andrea - Chocolate and Beyond

Mags - I am very happy! I love it when people let me know they've tried something and they like it. Seeing your comment has made me think I need to make this again myself soon!


This was amazing! I made it yesterday for dinner with my in-laws (tough crowd!) and they loved it. My husband was annoyed as he thought it was better than normal B&B and hes not my biggest supporter of being vegan. So this is a massive thank you for the recipe. x


Amy I'm so glad you enjoyed this, thank you for taking the time to comment! :-)


Just about to make this :) xXx

Sam W

I've got one family member allergic to eggs/milk and another soya intolerant, so I made this with vanilla rice milk made into custard with cornstarch and soft brown sugar. Good for using up leftover ingredients from Christmas pudding and cakes!


thanks great looking recipe will make it tonight!


Birds in the UK definitely isn't vegan these days.

Michael Kitson

This looks fab! Had no idea about Bird's custard powder being vegan - amazing!

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