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October 01, 2012


Stephanie @ Snacking☀nSunshine

I am so happy I found your blog! My name is Stephanie, I'm a 23-year-old new vegetarian who signed up for VeganMofo to learn all about this lifestyle. I'm going to be moving to London in January 2013, so I'm really excited to be reading vegan blogs like yours to prepare for the hop!
This looks DELICIOUS!!!

Margaret Cohen

Thanks for this - I'm working towards being vegan after 30 years of being vegetarian. I have one vegan daughter, one vegetarian, one a bit of a mixture of things and three out of the four grandchildren being brought up vegan and the other vegetarian. I could do with printing this, but I can't work out how . . . . Once I've sorted that out, I'll be on to the next recipe - and the next - and the next . . . . .

Andrea - Chocolate and Beyond

@Stephanie: Hi! Thank you for commenting! I love that you described veganism as a 'lifestyle' - which it surely is, as it is not just a 'diet' (in fact, you have given me an idea for a post!). I'm excited that you would like to learn more about being vegan and I will be checking out your blog too!

@Margaret: Again, always wonderful to hear when someone says they are taking steps to be vegan. I did it by a process of swapping things in my diet (dairy milk to soya, deciding not to buy cheese at home, etc). But you have a great support around you too with so many compassionate people in your life! I shall see if I can find a way to add a 'print this' button - otherwise, may I suggest you just copy and paste the text into a Word document, and print from there? Thank you for stopping by :)

shena steer

This was delicious. I have been vegan for a while, and Im always looking for new recipes to try. I doubled the ingredients as I have a large family and it worked really well. I have never cooked Butternut Squash so this was a first! Your recipe was easy to follow and I especially liked the photos and the fact you put the measurements in cups and grammes. I will definitely be back to try more! Thank you :)

Andrea - Chocolate and Beyond

Shena thank you so much for commenting and I'm really glad the stew turned out well for you! Especially since it was the first time you have cooked with butternut squash :) Thank you for the feedback on the format of my recipe too!

Veggie Sara

This looks really good! I have one butternut left over, so Imight make this recipe :)

Andrea - Chocolate and Beyond

Thanks for stopping by Sara and please let me know how it turns out if you make it! :)

Cathy Bryant

Delicious! We replaced the cumin and spice with rosemary (rosemary-roasted squash, drool)but otherwise stuck to it. It only did three portions for us, prob because Keir ate a ton of it! This was fragrant, delicious and a lovely change if one has had enough of the potatoes, pasta, rice, couscous cycle. Another winner.

Andrea - Chocolate and Beyond

Cathy thank you so much for your comment and for coming back to let me know how the recipe turned out. I am SO glad you tried this - I imagine rosemary was very delicious too. I think I going to have to readjust my serving sizes when I post recipes, to consider man-sized portions! I am a 'little but often' eater and this dish lasted me five meals I think!

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  • I'm Andrea, and am obsessed with creating fabulous food. After I managed to ditch dieting, the reason Chocolate and Beyond was born, it seemed natural to evolve my site into a foodie blog. More so since I also ditched animal produce to be vegan. Now, I love showing how inventive cruelty-free cooking can be. And sometimes I like to rant, too. I wouldn't be myself otherwise :) x

    PS. This blog LOVES your comments! Especially about the food!

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