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September 27, 2012


Cathy Bryant

These sound heavenly! I've never been a fish fan but I did like fishcakes - with ketchup! We'll be making these. Thanks for another cracking recipe.

Andrea - Chocolate and Beyond

Cathy I can confirm these cakes DO go well with ketchup, for sure! The flavour of them is very subtle and delicate, and they remind me of *home-made* fishcakes of the past, which I never found overly 'fishy' tasting, rather than commercial ones which are more so. I hope you enjoy them when you get around to making!


Giiiiiirl, I just paged all through here and collected SCADS of things I wanna try right...now!! You're recipes look like brilliance what can I say - LOL!!

Just one question - is corn flour the same as what we call oorn starch here in the States? Thank you! :)


Can these be made gluten-free? If so, how?

Andrea - Chocolate and Beyond

Haha Karen! Thank you for your comment. Yes, corn flour is the same thing as corn starch :) And let me know how the recipes turn out for you, I'm glad so many appeal!

Jackie Cosh

Andrea do they freeze well?

Andrea - Chocolate and Beyond

Jackie they do! I saved half this batch I made in the freezer, and they were great when I ate them. Leave uncooked, and freeze with pieces of greaseproof paper between each one to stop them from sticking. Then defrost before shallow frying.


This recipe sounds fantastic!! Nice work. I find too that its really fun cooking as a vegan. My partner and I had our engagement party the other day and I cooked up a few batches of the Spork Sisters Mac N Cheese and everyone loved it....I love seeing people enjoy good vegan food! Love your recipes!

Andrea - Chocolate and Beyond

Hi Peta, thanks for your comment! I don't know Spork Sisters Mac N Cheese but am keen to try it now you've said it is so good. I hope you come back and comment if you make the fish(less) cakes - would love to know what you think!

Diane Dion

I've never heard of Panko, it there an alternative to it?

Andrea - Chocolate and Beyond

You can try standard white breadcrumbs if you don't have panko, Diane, but I prefer panko because they crisp up really nicely. They are easy to buy from Chinese and Asian grocery stores.

Healthy Food House

Great recipe!
The fish is the most healthy food and its a great source of protein that we need and also omega 3 acid, that help us to protect from heart atack....


Healthy Food House, even if you take out the animal rights debate, we are fishing our waters dead and we have to cut back on our consumption and recipes like this are a fabulous way to still get a fishy dish without the flesh and the devastating impact on the environment that often comes with it. We are not just consumers, but co-producers. Fish may be a great source of protein, but more and more evidence points to the harmful effects of a high protein diet which contributes to heart disease. You can get all the protein that you need from a plant based diet if you eat smart.

Andrea - Chocolate and Beyond

Thank you Julia - I think you have said everything I would have said there in your comment! The fact is, since we can be healthy (in fact, optimally healthy) on a well-planned vegan diet, there is no justification for taking the life of and harming other animals for taste pleasure.

Stephanie @ Snacking☀nSunshine

Is wheat gluten flour the same thing as Bob's Red Mill Vital Wheat Gluten?
Thanks!! I'd really like to make these. x

Andrea - Chocolate and Beyond

Stephanie - yes, it's the same thing! :)

Jojo @ vegan.in.brighton

Wow, those look fantastic. I used to love fish cakes and I can't wait to try your recipe.

Andrea - Chocolate and Beyond

Thanks for stopping by JoJo and I look forward to hearing back from you after you have tried the recipe!


WOW Tried this recipe and the "fish" cakes were scrumptious!!! Definitely a new family favorite. Thanks so much.

Andrea - Chocolate and Beyond

Katrina thank you so much for letting me know :) I'm really glad you enjoyed them - it's a favourite recipe for me too!

Maggie Bailey

Hi Andrea, these look and sound amazing, I am dying to make them! The only ingredient I can't find is wheat gluten flour though. I presume this is a special type of flour, not just another name for standard wheat flour? If I can't find it, is there another type of flour I could use? I presume the wheat gluten flour acts as a binder. Hope you can advise me shortly, so I can make these! Thanks, Maggie.

Andrea - Chocolate and Beyond

Hi Maggie - yes, wheat gluten flour (also known as vital wheat gluten) is different from standard flour - it is basically the protein element of the flour, extracted. It adds a different texture and makes food more chewy.

You can buy from various sources online - off the top of my head, some places I know sell it include Low Carb Megastore, The Flour Bin, Honest To Goodness and, I think, Real Foods. So you should be able to find it!

I buy in bulk because I use it loads to make seitan and also seitan sausages.


This looks very delicious,I must try this.
I just want to ask is what can you recommend me for soy milk substitude?
Almond milk maybe?

Adey J

i replaced the potato for 1 cup of breakfast oats + doubled the vital Wheat Gluten and soya milk - and omitted the salt as I was using quite salty wakame. Worked out perfectly.

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