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September 04, 2012


Jackie Cosh

Had these last night but without the tartare sauce (ran out of time). Loved them as did husband and daughter. Have still to persuade the boys. Thanks for the recipe Andrea.

Andrea - Chocolate and Beyond

Thanks for the feedback Jackie! So happy (most of) your family and you loved this :)

Jude Bailey (mrs) UK

I can't wait to try these will go & get the ingredients tomorrow. Will let you know how it turned out. Have tried shop bought fish alternatives but they were really hard,these sound as if they will be succulent.

Anthony West

Hi, this looks like a great recipe!!. Have you considered using Nori sheets as well as the kelp? My local Vegan Chinese sell frozen fishless steaks with Nori acting a bit like a skin. Really unhealthy as processed but they do taste great.

Andrea - Chocolate and Beyond

Thanks for your comment Anthony. I have actually tried the nori wrap over the tofu before battering at a veggie pub restaurant in London! I have been meaning to give it a go myself sometime - good suggestion!


Yum! I am due to visit London for the weekend soon, what Restaurant did you got to, if you don't mind my asking?
I am limited to Saf in Kensington the first night due to time constraints but I have the whole of Saturday to make the most of Vegan London!!!.

Andrea - Chocolate and Beyond

Hi Anthony - the place where I had the 'Tofush & Chips' was the veggie pub Coach & Horses, in Soho. Loving Hut in Camden though is exclusively vegan, and is great and reasonable prices! Have fun :)


I made these a few weeks ago and forgot to leave a comment. They were really, really LUSH! I wrapped the tofu in seaweed but aside from that I did everything the same. I would add a bit of salt and pepper to the tofu next time for just an extra bit of taste. The tartare sauce was DIVINE! I kept trying that and could have eaten it all on it's own :D Thanks again Andrea!

Andrea - Chocolate and Beyond

I'm so glad you gave them a go Nik, and thanks for coming back to tell me! Yes - I am planning to try the nori sheet wrap myself the next time. I think it will make a nice difference. Happy you enjoyed! :)

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    PS. This blog LOVES your comments! Especially about the food!

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