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August 16, 2012



Wowzers! Well done you - again. There really is *no* excuse to eat dairy, or from sheep, goats and water buffalo. None whatsoever. Brilliant post Andrea!

Andrea - Chocolate and Beyond

Thanks Nik :) I persisted eating dairy for a long time, but I realise it's only since going vegan that it's not actually that hard to give up. The perception is very much a bigger obstacle than the actual doing it!

Jon Law

These recipes look stunning. I've had vegan cheese occasionally and do like the smokey commercial ones BUT, as you say, you barely think about the stuff after being vegan for even the shortest time.

I will try these recipes though, I've never had feta so am interested in this vegan version as I do love an interesting salad.

Your point that becoming vegan opens up so many possibilities rather than being restrictive is soooo true.

Great stuff

Andrea - Chocolate and Beyond

Jon thanks so much for your comment.

The great thing about the almond feta is that it is so versatile. Today with leftovers, I made a Greek 'feta' salad using olives, tomatoes, cucumber and basil - it was so fresh and made such a lovely, light lunch.

The feta keeps well in the fridge too :)


This looks wonderful. I've missed cheese boards, not in a day to day kind of way but in a 'once I see one I want one' way. There's a kind of rustic charm to making your own cheese - I'm a country girl but never got that far, though it's always been tempting. I'm also glad you're not a big Sheese fan, either - I KNEW I couldn't be the only one!

Andrea - Chocolate and Beyond

Tor thanks for commenting and I know what you mean about missing cheese boards in that way - and they are attractive, there's no denying!

I have to say, I haven't tried all the Sheese varieties so there may be one there I like - but from what I've tasted, I'm not a huge fan. However, each to their own! I know some people do like them.

But I have to say, these cheeses are really easy to make, so I'd say go for it on giving them a try :)


I have a question regarding the cashew cheese. Before you fill it in the models to cool down the cheese sauce has what kind of consistence? Is it more like a cream or a thicker soup?


Hi Julia - I would say it should be like a thick soup, or a thick cheese sauce! You can in fact also use it as a cheese sauce at that stage.

Gülden Gençoğuz Bickerstaff

Hi Andrea,
I seem to be coming back to this post. I am quite new in this vegan cheese making business actually. Just made the cheese sauce for a faux chicken bake but this is what I really want to master. With your help of course. Thank you for the recipes :)

Andrea - Chocolate and Beyond

Hi Gülden! I am definitely due to make some more myself soon :) I have bought a couple of commercial cheeses to try and these seem to be better than ones I have tasted before, but still, these home-made recipes beat them. Have you allowed the recipe to set into the cheese yet?

Gülden Gençoğuz Bickerstaff

I agree; home-made ones are always better. I haven't made a "block" of vegan cheese yet but used a melty, cashew based one in one of my recipes.
By the way, I have my own recipe site if you want to check it out. www.vegfusion.org


At what temperature do you bake the cheese with?


What did you use to mould the cashew cheese shown in the center?

Andrea - Chocolate and Beyond

Alex, it was just a large ramekin pot :)

Lucy Charlotte Brand

Absolutely fabulous post, thank you. I can't wait to get cheese making. ;-)

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    PS. This blog LOVES your comments! Especially about the food!

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