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August 23, 2012



Andrea, your cake looks insanely delicious! I so need to make it asap. Why didn't I see your post before going shopping?:( Chocolate + rum is one of my top favourite combinations and to add coconut to it, that's killer! The cake looks unbelievably moist, I just can't wait to try it. Will let you know how it turns out:) Thanks for the recipe!

Andrea - Chocolate and Beyond

Adriana it is totally moist and soft and squidgy in your teeth :) I hope you like it when you make it! I was thinking when I next make it I may even add a bit more lime, as I could taste the lime but I think I would like to taste it more!

PLEASE do come back and let me know how it turned out :)


I had a slice of this cake last night and I was very impressed. It’s a very moist yet rich chocolate cake with a hint of rum. It was delicious. I have to agree with previous comments about not being able to taste the lime but I’m not complaining. This is a real luxury chocolate cake :)

Bex @ Vegan Sparkles

WOAH, that looks soooo gooey and decadent and amazing! My sister loves rum (and cake! haha) and it's her birthday this month. I think I just found part of my gift to her! Thank you.

Andrea - Chocolate and Beyond

Thanks for commenting Bex! I have decided that I prefer this cake the day after - when the topping has hardened rather than be gooey - but it depends on what you like! I think the very moist cake, with the hard top, to me makes a nice texture contrast. But I would love to know how this turns out for you if you do make for your sister? Please do come back and tell!


I made this yesterday and it was a huge success. The only small difference is I have a fan assisted oven so I baked it at 150°C. I will be making it again (and again!)

Andrea - Chocolate and Beyond

Really glad to hear it turned out well Christine! Did you find the lime quantity was enough?


After reading the other comments, I added the zest of three limes and the juice of four because I really wanted it to be tangy. However, with the chocolate, coconut and rum there are a lot of flavours to play with so anyone making it can easily adapt this recipe to their taste.


What is coconut cream block form?

Andrea - Chocolate and Beyond

Hi Pam - it's the solid form - also known as creamed coconut. It works well in this recipe because it melts with the chocolate, and then solidifies again when cool. You can buy it (in the UK) from the standard supermarket and also Asian and Indian grocery stores. Like this Blue Dragon Creamed Coconut. Thanks for asking!


Hey! This looks amazing - but is there any alternative to coconut cream? Would coconut oil work do you think?

(I have all the other ingredients and it's one of those I WANT TO MAKE IT NOW recipes! :P)

Andrea - Chocolate and Beyond

Hi Clarabella - I'm not sure coconut oil would work quite as well, as the creamed coconut has a much deeper flavour and is the milk and fat solidified together to make it very creamy. But it wouldn't ruin the recipe either, I'm sure. Give it a go and let me know how it turns out! (If you have any dessicated coconut in your cupboard, maybe mix a little of that in the topping too?).

Thanks for commenting!


Hi! I'm going to give it a go with coconut oil - we have an organic unrefined one that has such a strong flavour that I think it would be perfect... Just need to get some limes... Looks fantastic. Thanks for sharing your creation, Andrea.

Andrea - Chocolate and Beyond

Hey Lucinda - thanks for commenting, and PLEASE do come back to let us know how it turned out with your coconut oil :)


It`s just amazing! A die-for cake I ever dreamed about is on my table. A real diet killer.... Used cocnut oil as well.
Many thanks Andrea!!!

Andrea - Chocolate and Beyond

Oli I'm so happy to hear you love it! I wish I had it baked again right now - would be perfect with my glass of wine :-)

Tamborim Zim

Hello Andrea, thank you so much for this recipe, I have done my first experience on vegan cakes (I am vegan since October 2011), yesterday, because of you. Your cake looks really fantastically charming, well mine ended up a little bit differently but it is quite nice! It is really a joy that we can cook delicious food without animal ingredients at all, and it is perfectly feasible. Thank you very much! Instead of hazelnut milk, which I forgot to buy, I have used oat-cocoa milk. My rum was Granadine. And instead of the coconut cream I used coconut milk. After the cake was already inside the oven, I read the indications on the bottle of the rapeseed oil, and it said that it should only be used on salads, cheese, etc., but not to cook. Oooops, too late I thought. Next time I will ask for another kind of rapeseed oil?... An I must improve the top as well...Thank you Andrea! A big hug from Lisbon and, as I say: Go vegan, taste your ethics. And it tastes delighfully!

Tamborim Zim

You can see the results of my cake-adventure in my blog, I have posted some photos: http://alegoriadaprimaverve.blogspot.pt/2012/09/o-primeiro-bolo-vegan-do-mundo.html


Hi Tamborim! Thank you so much for your comment & sharing your photos :-) Even with your changes in the recipe I'm glad it tasted good! I think grenadine is quite different, but if it worked for you, great! I think brandy could also be a substitution. It is wonderful to hear your feedback and that you have made your first vegan cake!

Tamborim ZIm

I shall continue trying and tasting...:)) Tks a lot and a hugh!

Tamborim Zim

I am sorry Andrea, no, it was not Granadine it was really Rum:-))Sugar cane rum.


A commented a few days but something must've gone wrong I guess 'cause I can't see it...

I want to halve the measurements and make cupcakes instead of a cake, is there anything else I'd need to alter? Can you also use the nut milk in the topping instead of soy? I think that soy milk seems more watery than nut milk... How about gluten-free flour?

Thanks very much, can't wait to try this!

Andrea - Chocolate and Beyond

Hi Suzie - hmm, your last comment must have got lost in cyberspace! Depending on the quantity and size of cupcakes you want, I wouldn't think you need to reduce the amounts that much (if you want 12 small cupcakes). Have a look at this cupcake recipe, and you will see there is not a lot less flour (maybe it can guide you a little): http://www.chocolateandbeyond.co.uk/2012/08/lemon-rose-cupcakes.html

Yes, you could easily use the nut milk in the topping - it may make it taste slightly sweeter/nuttier but that wouldn't be a bad thing! I only use the soya milk here to thin the topping a little.

I haven't tried with gluten-free flour, so I would suggest making a mini-cake maybe to give it a go? You may need to use some xanthan gum to add a little stickiness back in.


ABSOLUTELY SENSATIONAL! I made it yesterday and had 4 slices myself;) So rich and chocolaty. I used applesauce instead of oil and had to use rum essence cos I didn't have any rum. 35 minutes into baking I was fooled by a little bit of thick batter on the toothpick I used to check it and so I baked it for a further 10 minutes. That made it just a tiny bit dry but the topping compensated for it:) You know, till the moment I got the chocolate melting I didn't realise there was no sugar in the topping recipe, but I loved the rich flavour of the whole cake. Thanks a lot Andrea for sharing this amazing recipe. I'm making the berry apple crumble next:)

Andrea - Chocolate and Beyond

Adriana that is a great idea to try applesauce instead of oil for those looking for less fat. And it stayed together just as well I take it? I am so glad it turned out great for you - it really is a gorgeous cake, even if I say so myself hahah :))) But I want a slice of yours!!!!


Amazing cake! Tastes great and so easy to make. I made it last weekend for a friend, just a shame I only got one slice. My daughter thought it was a bit rich, but she is only 9...

PS so pleased I stumbled across your blog, looks like you have some wonderful recipes and ideas.

Andrea - Chocolate and Beyond

Thank you for letting me know you made this Bowers and glad you think it was amazing :) It is a very rich cake indeed - but I love that about it. If you only got one slice though, it just means you'll have to make it again!


Hi, was just wondering, can you substitute the rum for Cointreau? Thanks

Andrea - Chocolate and Beyond

Hi Isabella - I'm sure that would work fine! :)


When it says brown sugar, what kind of brown sugar? Light, dark, molasses?

Andrea - Chocolate and Beyond

Hi Amy, thanks for your question. It's up to you on the sugar really, depending on preference. I use a light brown one or demerara type :)


Ah excellent. I already have light brown in the house!

I'm making this tomorrow but will be using canned coconut milk in the mix as I'm using a Thai brand of coconut milk called Aroy-D which is so creamy that when you open the tin, the top third is coconut cream!

Andrea - Chocolate and Beyond

Please let me know how it turns out then Amy! Can't wait to find out if you love this cake as much as me and, it seems, several others :)


Absolutely fabulous Andrea! Many, many requests for the recipe source so expect a lot of traffic coming this way!

I put the juice of two limes into the cake and then also grated more zest onto the top of the cake after I frosted it. It gave the cake a lovely visual cue as to its contents.


Also I used the Lidl JDGross Arriba Superieur 81% chocolate and it was fantastic. I usually use Green & Black's which is a lot pricier and this worked just as well.

Andrea - Chocolate and Beyond

Thanks so much for letting me know Amy, and really really happy this turned out well for you. Thanks for the choc tip too (think I used Aldi Moser Roth!). It's looking like this recipe is becoming one of my most popular, for sure! You can't beat a good chocolate cake, hey? :)


The cake got a big thumbs up from my vegan mother-in-law. Incidentally, her mother who was one of the founding members of the the UK Vegan Society is now 101!

I think another factor that people should be aware of is that vegan cakes are so cost effective. When you eliminate the need for eggs and butter, the cost goes way down. I do a chocolate and almond cake which as both eggs and butter in it and it is easily more than double the price of this one!

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