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August 30, 2012



Just the recipe I needed to make the most of blackberries before they're gone. Sadly this year wasn't all that good for bbs, last year in June they were all over the place, ripe and plump, while this year they ripened in August and by the look of it most of the green ones won't turn into juicy bbs:( So I better enjoy them while they last, right?:)

I totally relate to the story, I've been eating lots of bbs while walking my dogs in the area and also picked some for home to make raw ice cream (and bagged them the same way;) ). £2 for a handful of bbs is such a rip-off. With so many bb bushes around here there's really no point in buying. And the scratches heal very fast;)

I'm going to pick some apples and bbs and make this crumble, it would also be my first homemade:) I love the idea of a gluten-free version, I think I'll use ground almonds, I like them with fruit. I'll let you know how this goes. Thank you Andrea for sharing the recipe.

PS I love your ramekins:)

Andrea - Chocolate and Beyond

Ahhh the scratches Adriana! I do have a few myself too! But there is a great satisfaction from being able to go out and pick 'nature's bounty', isn't there? Though I doubt nature ever intended us to collect her gifts in dog poop bags heheh.

There is nowhere I can pick apples so I have to make do with Aldi on that score :) but I would love to try the raw ice-cream idea. Do you have a recipe on your blog or do you just freeze the banana and then whizz it all up in the blender?


Hahaha well if it's clean, why not?:)) I transfer them to a box when I get home anyway. For the ice cream, I'll post it on the blog soon, but here's how I make it: just peel and break bananas into 4-5 pieces (I don't chop them), freeze them overnight. Freeze bbs as well. I use almost 1 small blender container for each, that way the bbs dominate the taste and bananas remain as the creamy base. Remove them from freezer 10-15 mins before, then blend them separately, the bbs into fine crumbs, and bananas until smooth and creamy. Add bbs to banana paste and blend for a few seconds till smooth. Eat straight away or place in an airtight container and freeze for later.

Andrea - Chocolate and Beyond

Mmm - am eating blackberries and banana raw ice-cream right now for breakfast! Thanks Adriana - it's very nice!


This is hands down THE BEST fruit dessert I've had this year. Everything about it just screams SENSATIONAL. It was way beyond anything I had expected from such a simple combination. First, the visual - the most amazing tones of pink, red and purple. Then the extra crunchy topping is to die for. And finally, the magic! A gorgeous mix of tastes and textures. I was a bit worried that ginger would be too obvious in the end, but no, it cut right through the sweetness and enhanced the taste of the fruit. I thoroughly enjoy trying out your recipes and this one is now a major favourite! Many thanks Andrea for this splendid crumble recipe.


PS Nothing beats the taste of freshly picked fruit, so if anyone who wants to try this recipe is able to pick some blackberries and apples, I strongly recommend it. Every scratch on my arms was well worth it:)

Andrea - Chocolate and Beyond

Adriana lovely to hear how well this worked out for you and that you enjoyed it so much! The ginger in it is subtle but delicious I think, and I'm glad that you thought it was right in the recipe too. Thank you so much for coming back and commenting :)

Natalie Marilyn

I have made crumble many times but this recipe made the best crumble. It is beyond deelish and I will be making it agaim very soon! Nommmmmmm

Andrea - Chocolate and Beyond

Glad you enjoyed it Natalie! Thank you for commenting too :)


Andrea, I made the crumble today with cherries instead of blackberries, what a treat that was! No matter how much topping I add to my bowl, it never seems to be enough:) I think I'm going to try more versions this summer, but I wouldn't dream of leaving ginger out. It really takes the pudding to a whole new level of delight. I was so happy I got away unharmed (without the scratches), until I took the last crumble out of the oven and managed to burn my finger:)) Oh well, small price to pay for indulging in this scrumptious dessert;)

Andrea - Chocolate and Beyond

I need to try this cherry version too Adriana! Sounds fab! I am going to experiment with other versions, too, and now is the time to try rhubarb with the ginger! Though I don't like to think of you getting injured - take care with hot ovens, Adriana! ;-) ;-)

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