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July 16, 2012


John Callaghan

It's a long time since I read the book so I'm relying on my less than perfect memory but...

Getting people who don't care about people to care about the animals they eat is an insurmountable task. I believe that changing the context to a human one (i.e. mininum wages, poor working conditions, psychological and emotional problems, poor quality food, obsesity, antibiotics, super-viruses etc) makes Foer's work a positive contribution on the vegan cause.

Andrea - Chocolate and Beyond

Thanks for your comment John and you make a good point.

Reading about this aspect of the meat industries, the awful conditions for workers (which I should have mentioned in my review), completely opened my eyes to a part of the industry I had never much considered before (other than to think all slaughterhouse workers must be terrible and desensitised people).

Psychological trauma for slaughter workers is certainly something that has been widely reported on and is a massive issue. Slaughter work is also the employment category which has the highest incident of personal injury and workplace accidents.

And the public health concerns - unmanageable amounts of manure that becomes toxic waste, disease epidemics that are a direct result of intensive farming and domestication, and so forth - which he highlights do also make a positive contribution.


Oh my god what a great sin it is "more than 250 million chicks a year — are destroyed." It is difficult for the public without eating meat but I would say we can try to reduce it


Recently finished this book and found the statistics to be incredibly useful. They really hit home just how brutal and ridiculous our rearing of animals for food is
The fact that he also includes interviews with slaughterhouse workers who describe the brutality of working conditions and the psychological horrors also brings a human face to the issue which others may find helpful.
The only issue is that, like you, I can't get over the fact that Safran Foer is not vegan.

Andrea - Chocolate and Beyond

Thanks for your comment Maisie. Yes, I was so surprised to finish the book and not have him say that he was vegan. After seeing all that, doing all that research, he STILL sees animals as something to use for his own benefit. Very sad.

Organic Blueprints, Inc.

Thank goodness for another expose of the meat/fish industry. Never mind the flack and spurious arguments the pro-meaters like Rayner come up with - this is how change comes. As more people become aware of an issue the ball starts rolling faster and eventually critical mass turns the accepted norm into the unacceptable abnormal.

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