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March 18, 2011



I'd love to see a rose water flavoured chocolate or lavender.

Annie Morgan

Dark, milk and white choc swirl with nuts or dark choc with crystallised ginger chips for me!


Coconut or something cinnamony - yum

Ellen Arnison

How about something orangey?

Annemarie Flanagan

Love raw choc - Columbian coffee would be gorgeous


Toffee or toffee chunks (is that possible for vegan choc?) am so missing toffee since going dairy free x

Claire Evans

Berry rawr - a mix of dried cherries, raspberries, strawberries and blueberries

Gemma D

Definitely rose or violet. Delicious!


Would love to see a soft caramel centre


I vote for ginger. I adore dark chocolate with ginger. Yum!


Coffee flavour

Sara Turner

I'd love to see a raspberry and almond flavour, like Bakewell tart!


I'd love to see a combo of cocoa and vegan salted caramel.


A dark chocolate and blueberry flavour egg!


Cranberry - lovely chewy pieces of dried fruit high in antioxidants.

Tammy Jones

i would love to try cranberrys in dark chocolate


Freeze dried high antioxidant rich fruit such as blackcurrant, raspberries and cranberries


Lavander and orange flower water

Ian Bain

Amazon Chilli


A dulce de leche flavour one sounds lovely, or maybe a spicy chili and cinnamon.

Is white chocolate possible? White chocolate and rose water could be a nice combination.


Another one: Dark chocolate with anise.

or instead with a hint of maple syrup. . .

. . . or saffron . . . or cherry.

Thank you, Michael.

Jo McPherson

Maybe lime with sea salt. Or with chilli?


I would love to see vanilla and white chocolate flavour.


My vote would be lemon

Kim Howson

I vote a chocolate peanut butter egg! yum! :)

Pamela Gossage

cinnamon and ginger

sandra henderson

A turkish delight flavour would be lovely with little chunks of rose or lemon turkish delight yum x


Black cherry with dark choc for me!




I would love to see (and taste) Rhubarb chocolate. As an extra treat, perhaps Rhubarb and custard chocolate. MMmmhh!!!

Amy R

Cookies and cream!

Amelia Royle

Ginger and Orange


I'd love to see a Crushed black pepper bar.


I would love to see a crushed black pepper bar.


Coco Rawr - flavoured with creamed coconut and macademia nuts and topped with toasted coconut shavings mmmm

Blake Ahearne

mixed berrys and nut!

Glenn Hutton

Pistachio & mint... mmmmmmmmm


Raisin and macadamia

Gavin Pheasant

Grape flavoured chocolate.

Often make a dessert with grapes covered in melted white chocolate and it goes down well


Is alcohol allowed?! Love brandy and chocolate - given both up for Lent and can't WAIT until Easter!!


Tiramusu flavour - yum!

carrie anne heath

I love bananas so a banana taste would be awesome! maybe even with walnuts too! yumyum

FionaLynne Edwards

Cranberry & Cinnamon x

Anne B

A soft lime flavoured centre to contrast with a dark bitter chocolate shell, and what a shock when you bite into it!

holly m

milk chocolate egg with turkish delight filling! mmmmm

Wendy Shippam

I would suggest ginger as I love this but others already have, so I would have to say either lemon and lime, or rhubarb. Sounds strange, but actually rhubarb and some intense chocolate is amazing.

Iain Riddle

Passion fruit or raspberry flavour would be awesome.


I'd love to see Lemon Meringue Flavour :)


Morello cherry pieces


Turkish Delight


Chilli & Blueberry. My 2 favourite flavours combined. Sweet n' Hot!


I'd love to see a coconut and almond flavour chocolate, that would be lovely.

Andrew C

Honey and Ginger

Craig D

Peanut butter flavour! Yummy!


Paprika would be an interesting change from the chilli stuff some places make

Georgina Ball

Parma violet flavour!

Joanne B

Berry - raspberry or strawberry, yum!

Lynda Hobson


John Lynch

chilli is always great, but how about pretzel (ie crunchy and salty) the salt will intensify the flavour of the chocolate.

Caroline Ashton

I adore dark chocolate and would love to see a permanent Black Forest variety with solid cherry pieces in rather than insipid cherry liqueur - delicious!

linda wiles

butterscotch and hazelnut


Pistachio or ginger, or cherry and coconut

liz denial

chilli chocolate


strawberries & cream!


I would love banana flavour, there's nothing nicer than chocolate and banana


I'd love to try dark chocolate with pistachios (possibly slightly salted), I love nutty chocolate and pistachio nuts, but you hardly ever find the combination.


something as pure and natural as rawr needs a pure ingredient to compliment it. What about manuka honey, or maybe vanilla?


i would love to see a peanut butter filled one!!


ooo I would love to have mint flavored chocolate!


Dark chocolate, with cranberries and chopped almonds! Or something abit out there like a rocky road bar with marshmellows, almonds and raisins etc!


mmmmm peanut butter
or if you could disguise supergreens in there that would be super-healthy!

linda curtis

peanut crackle with smooth milk chocolate

ryan davis

burned chocolate


Chocolate and Peanut Butter yummmm (I think this is my pregnancy talking lol)

Nicole S

How about something with Peanut Butter.

sarah allcoat

cranberry and orange

Rory Campion

Chocolate and Lime

Christopher Bell

What about coconut and marshmellow! I just adore coconut so this would be something that I would buy for my chocco needs all year long!


Nutmeg or pepper...mmmm.

JP Holroyd

Chocolate Mash



Jacqueline Burton

Chilli chocolate would be yummy!!

Paul Wilson

Chocolate with a hint of brandy.

Agnus Gooney

Caramel Pineapple for Summer, MMMM

bella smyth

toffee yummy yummy



Matt Brooks

Got to be the soft caramel centre

Jo Young

Banana pecan!

Keith C

I don't know whether I'm mad, but I loved Blackcurrant and Liqcourice sweets back in the day, wonder if this would translate nicely with chocolate?!

Karina Braekkan

I'd like to see one with little bits of honeycomb or what we call krokan in Norway which are tiny crispy bits of crushed almond.

Carol Phile

raspberry but proper raspberry not that horrible stuff they put in cookies

Katie Pavey

coffee and cinnamon! Mmm!

claire green

I would love to see a Rawr Macademia & Cranberry Dark bar - macademia nuts with dried cranberry chunks hidden in the best dark chocolate.


Toffe Banoffee - toffee pieces, banana chips and biscuit chunks

joanne pollak

What about strawberry and black pepper flavour?

julie sansom

banana and raspberry swirl for me

jeanette  downing

Irish cream would be yummy!


What about dark chocolate with raspberry crunchy pieces

Raj Sandhu

How about a Mango flavour :)


Dark Morello cherry with coconut would be simply divine ♥

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