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March 09, 2011



Weight loss aids like this one are a big con. Best to stick to a sensible diet, which means small portion sizes and lost of exercise. |This is also cheaper than buying these stupid products.I am losing slowly weight by sticking to this regime and avoiding carbs after 5pm and having a lighter than usual meal in the evenings. Slow weight loss is also more effective.

Andrea  Wren

Hi Helen,
Yes, I do agree that such weight loss aids are often a swizz, and certainly don't help in the long-term. If you can lose weight slowly but surely, it's got a far greater chance of staying off and allowing you to resolve any issues associated with food.

I would still focus on eating intuitively rather than 'dieting' though - smaller portions are often the result if we tune in to what our body needs, rather than just eat whatever is on our plates.

I need to revisit and pay attention again to intuitive eating principles actually - have been letting old habits come back!

Thanks for your comment.



This is very irresponsible and misleading. You critisize without testing the product or even reviewing the research - it's all on the website.

Andrea Wren

Hi Nita,

Thanks for your comment.

What I'm criticising isn't that the product doesn't work - as I say in the post, I can't comment on that having not tested it. What I criticise is the concept behind dieting aids. The fact that products like this do not help empower people who have weight loss issues, or empower them to eat in a normal way. They take their money and only offer a short-term solution, and many people feel even more depressed and miserable about their weight when they inevitably put it back on afterwards.

I also think it's very naive to assume that just because the research is posted on a manufacturer's website means that we can take it as fact! Anyone who has even a basic understanding of advertising and the 'research' which supports product sales knows that they are often flawed, misleading or biased.

I'd thoroughly recommend you read Ben Goldacre's book - it's not connected to the dieting industry but it really opens your eyes to how studies that are fundamentally flawed are still presented to the general public as 'fact'. It really doesn't matter what is published on the website of Slimsticks in terms of their 'research', in my opinion - advertisers are very good at finding terminology which puts their products in a wonderful light, regardless of the validity of the research behind it.

It's up to us as consumers to not just accept everything we are told by profit-making industries, and think independently. I appreciate that people want to believe what the diet industry says it can do for you - we're all looking for the magical answer to staying slim - but that answer ultimately has to come from within the person, not from another 'miracle product'.


Lucy Lloyd

I have to agree- there are alot of so- called 'miracle' products and solutions to weight loss. However, I was looking at your blog in the middle of some research into IE, which I have practiced for 2 years and am now contemplating whether or not to give up. I had stayed at 12 stone for ages, joined Slimming World and gained a stone. Since trying extremely hard with the Beyond Chocolate approach I have gained another stone and cannot get rid of the horrible, fat feelings that led me to dieting in the first place. I thought the book was enough but now BC seems to be going in a similar direction to the dieting 'industry' touting expensive workshops etc which I have no hope of affording- and I thought the point was to be different from Weight Watchers et al! However, I realise they need to compete to get people to try it, as it is SO radical. I know the process takes time, but at over 14 stone, I fear for my health!


Hi Lucy,

Thanks for taking the time to comment. And I can TOTALLY empathise with what you're saying.

Because there's so much I want to say in response, I decided to write a post which addresses your comment, rather than write it all here!

Please see here:





The research for the slimsticks, as someone mentioned earlier, is on the website. And it hasn't been all twisted by the advertizing and marketing people - you can dowload the ACTUAL research in pdf, just like in case of the academic journal.
I guess the only reason I am defending it, is because I tried it and I honestly think it is incredible. You're not hungry throughout the day, so when you go back home, you have time to plan your meal, cook it and eat it (instead of just raiding the entire refrigerator). I am learning to cook and eat healthy right now, it is amazing. I am also trying to learn to respect my body and treat it well, which is possible now when I see all the positive things I have achieved. Wouldn't have done it without that "dieting con".

Lisa urquhart

Well the only reason Slim stick may work is becasue they are so disgusting in taste i felt sick all day after drinking them! horrible things and absolutly not worth it! if you cant control your cravings by yourself what is the hope once you come off using the slimsticks.

Healthy eating and excerise all the way!


A few days ago, I mentioned in reference to something else that after having lost a great deal of weight last year, some of it has been creeping back so I'm being extra diligent now about what goes in my mouth.

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I totally agree with you on yet another miracle weight loss product. For anyone who has spend countless hours searching scientific studies published in peer reviewed magazines, a simple study ordered and published on a manufacturers website does not constitute evidence of an effective product. Not only that but many well respected studies, usually at the conclusion, do state that more studies should be made in order to validate their findings. They tend to avoid rigid claims in their conclusions.
So great job debunking something that costs a great deal of money to offer nothing, to a problem that should be solved with lifestyle changes and determination.


I try not to think of the amount of money I've spent on diets over the years. I may still not be 'skinny' but after having 2 kids and working full time I decided to cut myself a break in mid-2012. I went on a course all about nutrition and haven't dieted since. And guess what, I haven't put any weight on!


You don't feel hunger as you did before, and your stomach fills up quickly, so you usually end up eating a lot less.

Weight Watchers Dieting

We're a bunch of volunteers and starting a new scheme in our community. Your web site provided us with helpful info to work on. You've done an impressive job and our whole group can be thankful to you.


Would like to say that I use slimsticks and find them to definitely lower my appetite. In a way where I do not feel starving or absolutely crave anything as I used to. I used to be a picker and crave sweet things, with these two issues addressed with the help of slimsticks my calorie intake has greatly lessened and I have learned to listen to my body now it's not hungry and not just eat for the sake of it. Resulting in good steady weightloss, sometimes a little help is needed and this what these are and effective help too.

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