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April 29, 2008



I called the piece "heartless shit" when I mentioned this the other day, and my opinion hasn't changed. Comment is Free is for people who are happy with £77 for their efforts, I think that about sums up the writing talents on show.


Well, well, well. There you go. It seems like you managed to have your well deserved and longed-for breather after all.

Ruth Fowler clearly does not belief herself in what she is writing about. The article could have been written by Julie Burchill and is meant to provoke. Not to be taken seriously. It is meant to stir up emotions and to polarise the audience. The media is constantly under pressure to come up with new stories in order to attract the reader or listener. Especially lately as new competition in form of blogs has emerged. Thanks to the internet everybody can easily publish their own stories, commentaries and gain public attention.

People would stop buying papers, switch to another channel or to a different blog if the content was regarded as too lukewarm or too boring. Media reports are in general more and more 'sexed up'. In my opinion you overdid it with your anti Lighterlife stance just for the exact same reasons.

For me it actually was a good read. I was heavily overweight in the past and but it felt good that I was able to laugh about myself. However, I agree in terms of the content it is completely pointless just like the here often quoted sensationalist BBC Inside Out broadcast.


I would say that Ruth Fowler doth protest too much!
Her article suggests to me that she has food issues herself. One can feel the fear of fat in every word she writes!


Hi again Andrea - me back again, feeling a bit more fragile and defensive about my weight at the moment - I wonder if Fern read the piece in CiF before or after the op? :)


instead on under mining large people people should first stop and think why are they fat before they turn round and say nasty things about fat people because there are many causes to people becoming fat e.g. medical
so dont shout at people that are fat its not nice we have feelings to
ruth before you start talking about like that take a look at your own self


if fat people were flown to zimbabwe and ethiopoia and shown the children starving, and their parents misery as they die slowly from malnutrition, perhaps they'd get off their asses and stop stuffing they're bloody faces. cheap junk food is far too available now! and yes, for those people with overweight children, it IS child cruelty!


Don't you people understand satire?
Why do you have to be so serious about it?

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