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April 22, 2008



Your comments seem to be very one sided.Just because you trying to grab a piece of cake from the weight loss industry, this does not give you the right to condemn everybody who uses alternative methods of losing weight such as dieting. Lots of people do have good long term results using VLCD diets especially in combination with councelling. There is also plenty of research to back this up. I think you are in denial. Let’s not forget even you have successfully used a low carb diet yourself to treat your candida and your carbohydrate addiction.

Why do you feel that you need to disempower women who have worked hard and who are proud of what they have achieved by calling them 'desperate,imprisoned, trapped,poor saps' and more. It just makes me sad.

Why do you need to start a religious war by telling everybody that your religion is better than anybody else's?
You then act surprised that some women are upset about your 'you're either with me, or against me' attitude.
One of them who seems to be offended is a Beyond Chocolate client who was very loyal towards you. She was one of the few women here who participated regularly on your blog. You may have lost a valued customer for BC as she probably stopped coming to the sessions because of the way you and some of the so called BC community treated her.

Andrea Wren

Hi Justine, many thanks for your comment and I'm glad you took the time to write it.

I do need to address some of your points as there are a number of misunderstandings, I feel.

Firstly, I'm not quite sure what you mean by 'grabbing a piece of cake from the weight loss industry'. I cannot say enough times, it seems, that this is my PERSONAL BLOG!

Other than having Amazon links to Beyond Chocolate (and anything else I believe people who read this site might want to find), and having done the multi-media course, I'm in no way affiliated to Beyond Chocolate. Basically, I read the book, loved it, and decided I'd write a blog to journal about my PERSONAL experience. Therefore, I am not plying for customers! I'm also not looking for 'loyalty' - I just want to put my own thoughts down. It's up to others whether they read them.

I have no investment in BC beyond this, and the fact that I think diets don't work and I want to have some impact on the flooding of the media with the 'pro-diet message'.

The other thing I can guarantee I have NEVER EVER done within this site is call any woman "desperate,imprisoned, trapped,poor saps' and more." Never ever - and I certainly do not seek to disempower people. The opposite, in fact. I feel more empowered than ever since I started to trust myself much more.

And to be honest, when people resort to aggressive or abusive tactics in order to try and be heard, there is no bigger sign than that of how disempowered they must feel. Empowered people NEVER have to resort to making personal attacks on other individuals.

And I think the diet industry already does a very good job of managing to facilitate the process of disempowerment. Ultimately though, people disempower themselves through their own choices.

As it seems I cannot reiterate enough - I'm not pro-diet. Therefore, if you feel my comments are one-sided then that is fine, but this is my blog and my take on things. There are many dieting blogs out there and I don't go leaving comments all over them shouting "this is one-sided, have you ever considered that not dieting might work for you?" Why would I? My investment is in my own journey, ultimately.

Having said that, you seem to believe that I'm not supportive of women who diet, and a lot of the people who responded regarding the Lighter Life debate took my articles personally, as direct attacks against them. This isn't the case at all! I really want all women to find their way, and I wish that all women were free of eating issues - whether overeating or undereating.

I'm against the diet industry, and its multi-million pound interest in protecting its self, at the expense of women's mental and physical health. Even if you don't agree with my stance on diets, I don't see how anyone could possibly interpret that as being against women who diet?

In terms of my low-carb approach for candida (not carbohydrate addiction, I have to add - that wasn't the case for me), I think tackling a diagnosed health problem through taking nutritional care is very different to embarking upon a restriction plan with the aim to control weight. And I do believe I owe it to my body to eat real food which is full of nutrition.

I think there is clearly a need for intelligent discussion and debate on this topic, highlighted by the recent comments and posts - but it really needs to stay reasoned.

Kindest regards,



Onload of page my antivirus put alert, check pls. Joker

Assunta Martino

I am in need of help.
I did the lighterlife diet and successfully lost two stones I could not keep up with the diet and went onto slimming world.
Although I kept ridged to the diet I was gaining pounds,with the help of the councellors I was told to stick to the diet and it will start to come off. Unfortunatly it hasn't I seem to be loosing two pounds then a gain of five pounds.
I am reluctant about rejoining lighter life even though it worked great and it made me feel healthy and young.
Can you suggest anything.

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    PS. This blog LOVES your comments! Especially about the food!

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