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November 23, 2007


Sally Roberts

As an ex dieter I can really relate to this too - but I am hypoglycaemic and have to eat something every 2 or 3 hours so I DO keep things in my bag such as a small packet of nuts and fruit or a cereal bar, just in case I am somewhere I can't eat at all such as stuck in my car in a traffic jam or on the London Underground.


Just wanted to add that my 'fear of hunger when going shopping' is nothing to do with restrictions. It's just when I'm hungry and in a supermarket I end up buying more junk food... often to the point where I'm never going to eat it. Kinda like binge-buying I guess? I find it real hard to tune-in properly while surrounded by so many goodies. Last time I did that I bought Danish and doughnuts and cheesecake. At home I tuned-in and ate the Danish and was satisfied. 2 days later I threw the cheesecake and doughnuts in the bin. It's the waste I hate!

Andrea Wren

Hi Sally, I can also relate to what you say as I get very low blood sugar but I've found that since I stopped dieting and started to eat more high protein/high fat meals, my blood sugar doesn't 'crash' anywhere near as much as it used to.

Lesley, thanks for replying to this post! Yes, it can be easy to end up buying too much food if you shop when you're hungry. I've really had to learn to control how much I order when I go out for dinner as well, as if I'm starving I want a starter, main, bread, etc and then of course, after my starter I'm usually full so there is so much waste!

Sally Roberts

Hi Andrea,
Yes I find that upping the protein and fat and lowering the starchy carbs is helping me a lot too! I find I keep the starchy carbs to early in the day and don't eat them at all in the evenings and that works for me.
This morning I had a really odd breakfast - macaroni cheese! It was lovely!!!

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    PS. This blog LOVES your comments! Especially about the food!

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