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January 18, 2007


lisa jane

I cant imagine how I would go on a estrictive health mandated diet.I am lucky to have remained pretty healthy thus far.But i hear people talking about intolerance to this and that and I know that I would be a terrible patient because I love food so much :)

I understand where you are at feeling a little more prepared to tackle a diet.I feel that way too.Of course there is no good excuse for me to go on one and I certainly dont intend to go on one to lose weight.But I get what you mean anyway.I feel strong and capable now with regards to my eating.

Maybe you could tackle this with a 90% success rate in mind,leaving you with a margin of error to relieve pressure.Im sure it would still help?

keep me posted,I hope u do ok :)

Andrea Wren

Hi Lisa! Yes, the 'margin' is a good idea - there are some things that I'm really not sure I could give up (or should I say, want to give up) for the rest of my days - wine being one of them (though it is a yeast and sugar feeding ground for Candida!).

I've done okay (ish) so far but did have a few glasses of wine at a arty last night. However, I didn't have as much as I usually would and I haven't had any for a while, so am not beating myself up about it. I made a choice!

It will be a case of trail and error, I suppose, and I'm treating this in a Beyond Chocolate way - that is, like an experiment to see if my health can really improve from a restricted sugar/yeast/refined carbohydrate diet.

I may not need to be a strict as other people need to be, also, but we shall see!

Carrie Smith


Hope you can continue to follow the Anti-Candida plan. Stick with it, it definitely gets easier. After a while you don't even want to eat what everyone else is eating.

I've been on it since last Christmas. It was hard at first but I have to say that I've never felt better. Thrush is finally going yippee! I don't get dizzy spells, aches and pains inability to concentrate and all the other niggly problems I had. I have a flat stomach and weigh the same as I did as a teenager! I'm now 31. My cellulite has virtually disappeared and I no longer get depressed.

Plus it has forced me to be very healthy in my food choices. I eat so much more raw fruit and veg, pulses and nuts.

I recently ate some things that I haven't for a long time and boy did I feel ill. So this is definitely a permanent thing for me. Plus I don't want to put the weight back on.

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