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January 21, 2007


lisa jane

You know I get that moment too,infact I get a little voice in my head that says quite quietly "you have had enough now",but I am as stubborn as hell and I usually push on for a few more bites,just to exercise "my control".My control over what?my self?

Im crazy :) but I do ok.I think though if I did stop at this point at most meals then I would be losing weight a lot quicker,but its good to have the choice.


I'm like you, Lisa Jane. I know, but then I think 'I'll just have a few more, just to make sure ...'

Really, when it stops tasting so good is a really good time to stop eating. Maybe with one extra mouthful for "safety". :)

Rob Artisan

great blog

Andrea Wren

If it tastes good it's really hard to stop isn't it? Its hard to resist pleasure! But at this time, I actually noticed there wasn't quite as much pleasure. Though I did have a 'safety taste', Keris, just to make sure!

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    PS. This blog LOVES your comments! Especially about the food!

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