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October 31, 2006


lisa jane

I love how you say "sod that",it reminds me of my darling dad, who comes from the uk.It's a cute expression!


I stumbled across your blog right after I sent the children to bed, thinking "after I have a look online, I'll sit down and eat some of their Halloween candy". Never mind that I'm not hungry, never mind that I don't even feel like eating candy....I've spent my life breaking the Four Golden Rules. Now that I see them laid out in such clear language, it's so obvious. Thank you!!!

Andrea Wren

I'm so glad you found my blog then, Lorena! I have also broken the four golden rules a fair bit but I'm fed up of dieting - and I'm fed up of having an on and off love/hate relationship with food, so I'm trying hard to practice these 'rules' (it doesn't always go to plan but I give myself a break). And just for Lisa Jane, "sod that" if I'm going to stay on the diet treadmill for the rest of my years!


Yep. Ate half a packet of Tuc crackers during Strictly Come Dancing Takes Two last night. Not only wasn't I hungry, I was having to force them down because I was thirsty and they're pretty dry. Why do we do it?

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  • I'm Andrea, and am obsessed with creating fabulous food. After I managed to ditch dieting, the reason Chocolate and Beyond was born, it seemed natural to evolve my site into a foodie blog. More so since I also ditched animal produce to be vegan. Now, I love showing how inventive cruelty-free cooking can be. And sometimes I like to rant, too. I wouldn't be myself otherwise :) x

    PS. This blog LOVES your comments! Especially about the food!

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