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October 23, 2006


Stephanie Quilao

Thank you so much for this lovely write up Andrea! I'm honored. It seems that the desire to let go of the "skinny dream" is a global one, and one that many people deal with.

I totally agree with you about the feeling of freedom. I find that as I get older, I am coming to a greater acceptance of my body, and a deeper appreciation of my special qualities and talents related to heart and soul, things that time can only make better not whither with age. It is very freeing to not be in the hectic beauty "race". Yes, I still play with makeup, shoes, clothes, and do wish I could be 10-15 lbs lighter, but now it is out of pleasure and health instead of out of necessity to be loved or validated.

Thank you for sharing the message. And not to worry, although I've given away almost all of my skinny jeans, I too still have one pair in my closet ;-)

Andrea Wren

Hi Stephanie - really glad that enjoyed reading this post. I too enjoy make-up, looking nice and gorgeous clothes, but freedom from the tyranny of dieting (and wishing for the day of being back in those 'skinny jeans') is altogether a different thing, isn't it? Please do stay in touch!

Andrea Amador

Hi Andrea,

What a liberating post this is! It's been only recently that I have embraced the lifestyle of ditching the diets.

I earn my living as a speaker and coach with a focus of working with women around emotional eating, Since making that decision, I realized that I have had to deal with many personal issues and bugaboos related to clearing my own habits of eating abuse.

Four months ago, I was guided to discover the process of Intuitive Eating by a colleague of mine. Since then I committed to “trying it out” reserving myself just a little bit taking a wait and see approach.

It was like a party at first, eating everything I could get my hands on, then over the next few weeks, a new sense of discrimination replaced the desire to eat everything and I began to become a picky eater. That became very exciting for me and I lulled myself into thinking that the war on fat was over. Although I had gained some weight, I chalked it up to losing the battle, but winning the war!

Last month I had a presentation to make to a group of women. In preparation for that, I knew that I could no longer rely on my closet filled with size 8s, I needed to get a bigger size of clothes. Yikes, That sent me into panic mode. I knew that I had to go “shopping” I hated that.

I felt mortified, angry, infuriated, desperate and defeated. I began to sob and cry over the fact that I was gaining more weight and that I would never get off of this diet treadmill.

Then I remembered that I had a tool that I could use to change my feelings and reframe my thoughts in minutes. It's called Emotional Freedom Technique. As an Emotional Freedom Technique Practitioner, I used EFT to gut out my negative feelings and to uncover my ability to be curious and embrace the joy which I felt from finally deciding to end the deprivation cycle. As I tapped on my acupuncture meridian points, I noticed that I was laughing and crying at the same time, feeling both feelings.

Within a few more minutes of tapping, I had completely resolved the feelings that had been in a flurry inside of me and I headed out with my head held high ready to purchase my size 14 outfit.

Since doing that clearing, I feel so much better, and have not since entertained thoughts of “I should go on a diet”. What a sense of freedom this Emotional Freedom Technique offers. Power at your fingertips! I love it.

Thank you, Andrea for helping me to see how much of a process this lifestyle transformation really is and for helping me to recognize that each small milestone represents a personal triumph.



Andrea Wren

Hi Andrea (great name you have there!) and wow - thanks for spending so much time to write your comments. I know that 'panic mode' that you describe well - very unpleasant. But when I've tried to look at it rationally, I wonder what the hell I'm so scared of? Maybe I was using a technique similar to your EFT? I definitely am more able to reframe things now.

I think I shall have to devote a special post to reply to you properly.

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    PS. This blog LOVES your comments! Especially about the food!

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