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September 07, 2006


adam wilk

Andrea, me like! Enjoyed reading your entries and I think you're onto something--it's so hard, isn't it? Hmm--now I have to try me an egg custard to see what it's all about! Keep up the good work!

Andrea Wren

Adam, you'll love egg custard, I'm sure. Get baking!


I've tried this before, partially inspired by a Men Behaving Badly quote ("When there's always biscuits in the tin, what's the point of biscuits?") and partly by a weight-loss memoir I read a few years ago (and have unfortunately forgotten the title of).

Seems I will not rest until I have eaten every biscuit I've bought. Perhaps I'll go to CostCo and buy more biscuits than I could ever possibly eat. Or perhaps not.

Andrea Wren

To buy in more than you could ever eat is quite a scary idea, isn't it Keris? It is still something I'm working on - I don't think three egg custards were enough!


See, I don't really believe there is any amount that's more than I could eat. I feel like even if I filled the front room with biscuits I would just systematically much my way through (aided, no doubt, by small son). I know this can't really be true, I just need to get past it.

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    PS. This blog LOVES your comments! Especially about the food!

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